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186 IP Cameras at Ramada Plaza Hotel and Suits, Bahrain

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Ramada Plaza Hotel and Suits video surveillance system consists of 186 IP cameras, Eocortex VMS and Intelligent modules. The project was implemented by MHS Technologies - Eocortex distributor in Bahrain. 

Stationed within the lovely, manmade Amwaj Islands, Ramada Hotel & Suites provides seaside accommodations near the top local points of interest. Eocortex video surveillance software installed at the Ramada Hotel premises provides the protection of its guests, property and employees. IP camera system based on Eocortex VMS allows the Ramada Plaza Hotel and Suits' management to prevent theft and vandalism at all the hotel's floors, halls, corridors, and car parking lots. 

Intelligent analytics modules installed at Ramada hotel premises include Tracking and Face recognition modules:

  • Tracking module allows monitoring of the moving objects within the camera's field of view, sounds the alarm in the event a line is crossed, moving into a zone, or an object remaining in a zone for an extended period; searches the archive for alarming events and video fragments where a security line was crossed or someone entered a zone; interactively searches the archive for anything crossing a line the operator decides to create.
  • Face recognition module automatically identifies optimal portraits from the video stream (reference images). Such images are stored in a database for subsequent identification. Highly-accurate recognition of the Ramada hotel's guests, employees and visitors is possible thanks to the application of innovative technology that biometrically indexes facial features. 

With Eocortex, the video surveillance system allows keeping a video eye round-the-clock (including advanced video analytics) at an affordable cost. 

Ramada Plaza Hotel and Suits, Amwaj Island , Bahrain 


Ramada Plaza Hotel and Suits, Amwaj Island , Bahrain      



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