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350 Axis cameras at the Talakan Airport

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The video surveillance system at Talakan Airport consists of more than 350 Axis cameras, Eocortex software and Intelligent modules.

Talakan Airport (also Vitim or Poliarny) is an airport in Yakutia, Russia. Talakan airport is the first and only one in Russia, built solely by a private company. On 23rd November 2012 Tupolev Tu-154 belonging to UTair Airlines successfully completed the first technical flight to «Talakan» airport. On 20th December 2012 direct flight by Boeing-737 from Surgut to Talakan was made with 26 passengers on board, representing the management of Surgutneftegas. They verified readiness of the facilities and equipment of the airport "Talakan" to start regular operations. On 24th December 2012 the airport welcomed its first scheduled passenger flight.

The main objective of the end customer was to provide the security at the site of the airport and its infrastructural facilities, to monitor entry and exit areas, to restrict unauthorised access to the object, to control the entry to the chargeable parking slots and the vehicle stay time.

The video surveillance system was installed in July/August 2012. The reason why Eocortex has been chosen is the scalability of the IP surveillance system up to 350 cameras along with the integration of the License plate recognition analytics.

To ensure the safety at the airport infrastructural sites, the following module's features have become fundamentally important:

  • recognition of the several license plates in the camera's field of view provided the number in freeze frame is also visually recognisable; 
  • selection of the frame with a higher recognition ratio to be stored in the database (if the number has been recognised several times);
  • use of different license templates (e.g., templates from different countries);
  • motion detector's connection to reduce the computational costs of the number identification;
  • possibility to specify the separate detection zones;
  • specifying the minimum and maximum estimated number size.

And Eocortex software and the License plate recognition module successfully fulfilled all these requirements.


Customer feedback on Eocortex VMS   Axis cameras at the Talakan Airport   



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