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Eocortex has been integrated with Concept Smoke Screen smoke-generating security system

Eocortex software for IP CCTV systems has been integrated with Concept Smoke Screen smoke-generating security system.

In the event of an alarm, Smoke Screen immediately fills the premises with very dense smoke/mist, which brings visibility down to zero. The smoke generation can be supplemented with blinding strobe flashes and piercing sound alarm. All of this is done to prevent robberies by disorienting the perpetrators, attracting attention, forcing them to leave the premises, etc.

Any Eocortex-operated CCTV system event can be used as a trigger to activate the smoke-generating security system. For example, it can be the activation of an intelligent analysis module or a video analytics function. In practice, it may be the following:

  • Detecting movement in the protected area during the determined time period (motion detector, arming function);
  • Appearance of a specific person in the camera’s field of view (Face Recognition and Suspect Search modules);
  • Entrance into the restricted premises (Tracking module);
  • Atypically loud sound: shot fired, screaming, a sound of glass being broken (Loud Sound Detection module).

After detecting the corresponding event in the system, Eocortex sends a signal to Smoke Screen, which in its turn initiates smoke generation, strobe flashes, or sound alarm. Upon that, an entry appears in Eocortex event log, which will enable user to find the corresponding video fragment in the archive quickly and easily. Additionally, thanks to the two-way integration, Eocortex warns the system operator about the necessity to add the active agent.

Joint Eocortex and Smoke Screen operation is available to the users of the current version 2.4 of the software. 


Eocortex and Smoke Screen operating

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