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Join Our Free Webinar: Video analytics based on neural networks.
Join Our Free Webinar: Video analytics based on neural networks.

How Eocortex helps to right the wrong. The real-life application of Eocortex solution.

We talk a lot about the features and advantages of our software. We tell you about the tasks that it can solve. We offer you the functionality of 19 intelligent modules for ensuring safety, optimizing sales, preventing offences, etc.

We at Eocortex create a product that is intended not only for recording and storing video data, but for the further processing of this data. For that end, we have developed a complete set of intelligent modules. These modules allow to solve a wide range of security and marketing-related tasks.

For example, one of the mayor problems that makes retail businesses choose Eocortex is shoplifting. In order to prevent theft and reduce the related expenses, we have developed the Suspect Search module. This module allows for easy setup of the interactive search in the archive and restore the trajectory of the sought object.

A while ago our Suspect Search module helped to apprehend a thief in a DIY store.

Eocortex was installed for the purpose of reducing theft, and we can say that our software is doing the job splendidly.

The moment of stealing was registered with the help of the Suspect Search module. Then the intelligent search system found the perpetrator and restored his trajectory. Subsequently, our Face Recognition module allowed to identify him and include his face in the database. Later the thief was located via Facebook. He was asked to return the stolen article. The justice was done! The offender came back to the store, apologized and agreed to the publishing of his case.

That’s how Eocortex state-of-the art technology guards the public order and ensures your safety.

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