Eocortex 2.4. What's new?

Eocortex 2.4


We are glad to announce the release of new Eocortex 2.4 Version.

What's new:

  • user rights configuration;
  • improved interface for better user experience;
  • improved Android mobile application;
  • advanced archive export (10 times faster!);
  • digital zoom.

We have also advanced our video analytics:

  • heat map;
  • suspect search;
  • abandoned object detection;
  • people counting

And much more...


1. User rights

  • In the new interface, the groups and users are organized in a tree, making user rights setup process much easier.
  • Now, the user rights are updated automatically when the operator is moved from one group to another.
  • While creating or editing rights, you can add comments to be able to easily recall tasks and causes of limitations in the future.
  • Starting from version 2.4, it is possible to restrict access to reports, archive bookmarks, interactive search, and plans.
  • Also, in version 2.4 you can change user password from Eocortex Client.


User rights



2. Android mobile application

  • Now the application looks more modern and is in harmony with Eocortex Client design
  • We added a capability of automatic connection to a video surveillance system
  • You will see the video from your system cameras immediately after launching the app
  • The main menu looks the same as the one in the Eocortex desktop client
  • You can change the camera arrangement in a grid without having to go to view settings
  • Jump directly to archive by clicking on a push notification
  • Zoom is done smoothly using standard scaling gestures


Android mobile application



3. Video archive export

  • Now you can download MCM, MP4, AVI formats
  • Archive export is almost 30 times faster than before


Archive Export



4. Heat map

  • Now you can select cameras and zones and set a time period for report creation.
  • You can see the percentage of the time with movement in the frame by selecting an image fragment with the cursor. The result is available in real time in the client window or as a report.


Heat Map



5. Digital zoom

  • New version comes with a new digital zoom. Now you can zoom in and zoom out using your mouse wheel.
  • If the image has not been zoomed in yet, the cursor takes the shape of a magnifying glass. At that moment you can select a rectangular zone in a frame, and it will be zoomed in automatically. If the image has already been zoomed in, the cursor takes the shape of a hand enabling you to move the image by clicking and holding the left mouse button.
  • The zoom is maintained when you choose a different cell.
  • Digital zoom automatically switches the stream from the alternative to the main one to ensure high image resolution.


Digital zoom

Digital zoom



6. Suspect Search

  • New cross-camera tracking interface – now the search process is performed in one window.
  • After choosing a person to be tracked, you will be able to select cameras on which the search will be conducted. If the cameras are assigned to a plan, a selected camera will be highlighted.
  • Then you can select stop-frames on which the person who you are looking for can be found. After confirming the sample, the corresponding time period (+4/-4 sec) on the timeline is highlighted in blue. The resulting videoclip is created on the basis of that time period.


Suspect search



7. Abandoned object detection

  • The new version has the upgraded abandoned object detection technology.
  • It is distinguished by more accurate event triggering when an abandoned object is detected, based on the time specified in the module’s settings.  The number of false responses is significantly lower.
  • The settings of the new version are compatible with the old ones. No additional action is needed from the user when upgrading.


Abandoned object detection



8. 3D People Counting

  • With the new version comes the new people counting module based on 3D-technology.
  • 3D-counting operation principle is based on the intelligent analysis of the data obtained from the video camera and the depth sensor.
  • This solution ensures 98,6% accuracy and precisely calculates a multitude of people crossing the control line in the opposing directions. The device does not count shopping carts and baby carriages, pets or other objects.
  • The people counting module is adjusted automatically. It is only required to set the minimum height of persons to be counted, and the direction of entry and exit.
  • The report can be created by time periods and by cameras. You will be able to obtain data regarding the people who entered, exited, and remain inside.


3D People Counting

People Counting reports



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If you need more information, you can also download our Admin Guide and User Guide.

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