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48 IP Cameras at the BDO Auditing Company in Moscow

Office Buildings 48

The video surveillance system at the Moscow Department of BDO auditing company is based on the Eocortex software and includes 48 IP cameras. BDO company employs video surveillance system to address the security tasks, ensure the safety of the property and employees.

Cameras installed in all the cabinets and offices are constantly recording video data. Security officers are continuously monitoring the video displayed in real time mode.

In order to build the most convenient and efficient video surveillance system, BDO specialists tested the demo versions of the various software products. The main reasons for selecting Eocortex were:

  • user-friendly and intuitive interface;
  • quick search for events and objects in an archive;
  • accurate motion detector.

Head of Information Technology Department of BDO Alexey comments on his experience with Eocortex software and communicating with Eocortex specialists:

"Our company had ordered the system selection and setup to the contracting organization, so we did not communicate with Eocortex team initially. However, some time after the system launch, we experienced difficulties with the equipment, some contractor issues, and, in the end, we were left with this problem alone. Then we decided to contact Eocortex technical support, and in spite of the fact that the problem was not from the software side, Eocortex specialists helped us to solve it. Now the system works perfectly, Eocortex software package established itself as a lightweight and easy-to-use program with the convenient search in an archive, and with the high level of fault tolerance. Professionalism and customer focus of the Eocortex technical support service should be noted especially."





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