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100 IP Cameras in a cottage settlement

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The IP video surveillance system consisting of 100 IP cameras based on Eocortex software is successfully operating at one of the cottage settlements in Yekaterinburg.

The primary objective of the cottage settlement's administration was to ensure the comfort and safety of the residents and the preservation of their property.

IP cameras were installed at the perimeter areas of the settlement, its entrance and the checkpoint, along the internal roads, on major common utility sites. It was also important to ensure the safety of each and every individual house, not only protecting against intruders but also from all sorts of other accidents.

The system built on Eocortex video management software meets the customer’s requirements:

  • ensures the safety of the residents of each and every cottage;
  • prevents trespassing (check out the Tracking module for the perimeter/zone security);
  • supports sending SMS in case of an "alarm" event;
  • includes free mobile applications and web-client, making it possible to work with an archive remotely, watch the recordings online and to configure the system via the Internet and mobile devices.

The round-the-clock video surveillance system successfully copes with all these tasks. The video surveillance system was commissioned in 2014, during the past time the customers had no problems working with Eocortex. The software turned out to be reliable, fail-safe and convenient for operation.


Customer feedback on Eocortex VMS   100 IP Cameras in a cottage settlement   



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