Change log




Eocortex 2.4.330 18.12.2018

Video analytics

  • People Counting module: default algorithm modified
  • Interactive search: channel tree filter elements added in the client application
  • License Plate Recognition: automatic selection of the first recognized number in the client application disabled
  • 3D People Counting: device firmware updated, floor tilt compensation added

Client applications

  • Client: several archive and real-time video display and scheduled protection adjustment errors removed
  • Client: the error that sometimes caused image artefacts when exporting with sound removed
  • Client: the error that sometimes caused shutdown when simultaneously receiving and transmitting sound of some audio codecs removed
  • Client: NVidia GeForce GT 710, GTX 1080 Ti, GTX 1060 3Gb video cards support implemented


  • Access to newly added camera error removed
  • Rare error of writing to archive adjustment removed


Several components not having long legends on the languages other than Russian were corrected, in particular:

  • tab titles in the client application;
  • headers in the archive depth report;
  • inscriptions in the client application settings;
  • dropdown list items for selecting archive drives in the Configurator.


  • Amatek plugin: PTZ support (zoom, focus) for AC-IS206ZA camera model implemented
  • CamTech plugin: Archive support on DDR416H video recorder implemented
  • Dahua plugin: disruptions of connection with VTO2000A door phone model eliminated; sound transmission implemented for cameras with new firmware
  • ESVI plugin: automatic search for cameras implemented
  • EverFocus plugin: the issue with connection of EPN\EZN camera models after update from the previous version remedied
  • Geovision plugin: IO-BOX device support implemented.Control and display of alarm outputs status
  • Hikvision plugin: the issue of sound transmission to DS-2xxxxxx and DS-N2xx camera models and several other problems with 5.5.3 firmware in case of selecting Digest authorization mode in camera settings removed
  • ICP plugin: support of 3.0.0 firmware version for DAS ET-7060 model implemented
  • IDIS plugin: alarm inputs and outputs on DC series cameras and panorama cameras support implemented
  • Microdigital plugin: issues with PTZ control connection in client app removed
  • Mobotix plugin: Resolution setup support on MJPEG alternative stream implemented