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Answer 3 questions and get a free trial

Macroscop at TEKTÓNICA: a foundation stone of security

We used to describe the video surveillance installed at the operational facility, whereas Macroscop can be deployed even before the foundation stone of your project is laid. TEKTÓNICA is the Largest Portuguese Building and Construction Fair held in Lisbon between 4-7 May 2016. Macroscop software has been presented there by our distributor in Portugal - SKUA Tech. 

Video surveillance over the construction site helps you to improve the efficiency in controlling and managing the construction and allows:

  • monitoring the construction sites and surrounding areas;
  • performing remote control of operations;
  • observing the construction progress at any distance in the real-time or archive; 
  • PTZ camera controlling, zooming, getting high-quality detailed image of the particular area;
  • monitoring the construction materials' timely delivery and acceptance;
  • tracking the construction progress and its compliance with the regulations.
Macroscop advanced video analytics and Intelligent modules can also be used for the property protection, personnel monitoring, work discipline and shifts' control, etc.

The construction site is a temporary phenomenon, therefore, the surveillance system in terms of the construction project has to be temporary as well. This requires the video surveillance system to be inexpensive, reliable in all respects, quickly mounted and dismounted, and it would be extremely well if this equipment and software could be used again. For example, with Macroscop you just need to change the IP addresses of the cameras used - and you are free to use this system inside the newly built facility or transfer it to another construction site. This is because Macroscop is not bound to any specific camera, it communicates with IP address that is configured on a particular camera. Find out more at the Macroscop product page.

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