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Get free trial version for 1 month

Sabotage Detection

Sabotage Detection by Eocortex IP Camera Software helps to minimize the time of inoperability of the video surveillance cameras due to CCTV camera malfunction.

How it works

You can configure the following control events:
  • camera defocusing
  • turning the camera away from pre-defined view 
  • long-time flaring of a camera
  • overlapping of the camera view
When any of the mentioned control events occurs, you receive an immediate notification to the monitor, phone or e-mail.

Your benefits

Thanks to the Sabotage Detection module, you can quickly get a notification about the video surveillance system inoperability and promptly restore its functionality.

Thus, you will be able to continuously ensure safety of staff, visitors, clients, guests, and property and infrastructure of a shopping center or a store.


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