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Smart assistant (Eva)

The smart assistant called Eva allows the users of the mobile application to use voice and text commands for interacting with the Eocortex system.

How it works

  • If the user asks the smart assistant to notify them about the appearance of a person in the frame on any of the cameras on the server, the smart assistant will send the user a message the moment the person is detected by the camera.
  • The smart assistant can interact with the Basic, Light and Complete face recognition modules.
  • At the present moment, the smart assistant is only available in the Eocortex mobile application for Android


Your benefits

The smart assistant allows you to interact with a mobile client, performing the following tasks:
  • Opening any available camera;
  • Opening any available view;
  • Obtaining a system status report.
If there is a face recognition module in the system, the smart assistant allows you to interact with it, performing the following tasks:
  • Adding a person to the database;
  • Deleting a person from the database;
  • Assigning a person to a group;
  • Deleting a person from a group;
  • Finding events of a person’s appearance;
  • Notifying about the appearance of a person

Obtain a cost estimate

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