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AS Adventure

21 IP cameras

A.S.Adventure is a large retailer of outdoor and action goods with more than 40 outlets in France and Belgium.


Number of cameras: 21 cameras with ST licenses with Suspect search, Tracking and Face detection intelligent modules were installed.

CCTV tasks:  The task was to modernize the existing CCTV system. The main requirements were as follows:

  • central monitoring of the hardware
  • availability of intelligent modules
  • system monitoring capability
Solution: GDW installer company offered the Eocortex solution for this project. As a result of the series of tests on the real-life facility, the Eocortex software package successfully coped with the tasks at hand.

Eocortex advantages: The main advantage of Eocortex software is its versatility. The Eocortex software allows performing round-the-clock monitoring, promptly responding to contingencies due to receiving the event notifications, to monitor system health, to connect the intelligent modules that help to solve the safety issues. 

GDW Security anticipates the following stages of project development:

  1. Connection of the additional modules for marketing analytics.
  2. Constant training of the end user in Eocortex functionality.
  3. Optimization of the project’s engineering resources.

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