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Manufacturing, Agriculture facilities

Heusdens NV

40 IP cameras

Heusdens NV company is a leader among the agricultural and horticultural enterprises, the large contractor of municipalities, government facilities, industrial companies.


Number of cameras: 40 IP cameras with ST licenses with the following video analytics modules included: Sabotage Detection, Face Detection, Abandoned Object Detection, Tracking, Suspect Search.

CCTV task: The company decided to upgrade its security system to make it appropriate for solving all the tasks of the growing, multi-industry business.

Solution: After performing the analysis and comparison with other providers, 38 cameras made by GeoVision, Uniview and Dali were connected to the CREST servers working with Eocortex VMS with video analytics and intelligent search functions on each camera.

Eocortex advantages: Versatility of the platform, its integration with any video camera, and availability of video analytics.

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