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Safe & Smart City

Politizone ARRO

Belgium, Ieper
432 IP cameras

Politizone ARRO Ieper is the district police department that supervises 10 municipalities: Ieper, Poperinge, Wervik, Zonnebeke, Heuvelland, Moorslede, Staden, Vleteren, Langemark-Poelkapelle en Mesen. The department ensures the safety of more than 126 000 citizens on the territory of more than 632 sq.m.


Number of cameras: 432 ULTRA license with analytics modules: face detection, tracking, suspect search

CCTV tasks: The main task of the video surveillance system was to ensure the high level of security in the supervised districts. The distinguishing characteristic of this task was that the facilities were located far apart from each other on the large territory. It was required to create a unified monitoring system with a single control center.

Solution: After making a comparison together with their security advisor, the decision was made to update the Eocortex VMS platform and scale up the system with additional IP cameras.

Eocortex advantages: The main advantages of Eocortex for the vendor were as follows:

  • MxPEG format compatibility. The facilities were already equipped with the Mobix cameras and the end user was satisfied with their performance. That was why the software had to support the footage of those cameras
  • Scalability. Eocortex can be easily adjusted to work with large systems. It is only required to purchase more licenses for the additional cameras
  • The common control center with the different levels of access. A police station of each municipality can view video of other stations; however, the system is controlled from the headquarters
  • Ease of use, enabling any police officer to quickly learn how to work with Eocortex Client and the intelligent modules
  • Absence of any maintenance fees, allowing to use the saved money to expand or update the system
Distributor: Visuatech
Integrator: R.T.S

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