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La Butte aux Bois

36 IP cameras

Upscale hotel and restaurant La Butte aux Bois.


Number of cameras: 36 ST licenses with built-in video analytics: Sabotage Detection, Face Detection, Abandoned Object Detection, Tracking, Suspect Search.

CCTV task: After complete refurbishment, the video surveillance system at La butteaubois hotel and restaurant was fully upgraded to the one meeting the up-to-date safety requirements.

Solution: Eocortex software was chosen thanks to the availability of the intelligent search and other video analytics functions.

Eocortex advantages: The main advantage was the availability of the Suspect search module. Intelligent search makes it a lot easier for the user to find people and objects in a vast territory using a system with a many number of cameras.

Also, License Plate Recognition module was integrated into the systems to ensure control of access of vehicles to the hotel territory.

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