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Neuhaus manufacturing

34 IP cameras

Neuhaus is a producer and supplier of the famous Belgian chocolate. The company was founded in 1857 in Brussels and remains a global chocolate manufacturer.


Number of cameras: 34 ST licenses with the following video analytics modules included: Sabotage Detection, Face Detection, Suspect Search, Tracking and License Plate Recognition.

CCTV task: Security Audit (Pinkerton) company performed an audit of the CCTV installed at the Neuhaus manufacturing facility. It was found that the CCTV system did not meet the modern requirements and failed to solve the operating objectives.  

The manufacturing facility required the following tasks to be tackled with the help of a new, scalable CCTV system:

  1. Round-the-clock surveillance of the entrances to the shop and the factory
  2. Prevention of access of the third parties to the factory territory
  3. Ensure automated access of personnel to the factory territory
  4. Monitor production waste restrict access to it by the third parties
  5. Ensure automated access of vehicles to the territory with the registration of entry and exit times
  6. Creation of different levels of access for personnel and contractors.

Solution: GDW Security installer company offered the Eocortex solution for this project. As a result of the series of tests on the real-life facility, the Eocortex software package successfully coped with the tasks at hand.

Eocortex advantages: The combination of different intelligent modules allows to solve the required tasks using the single software package. The modules are easy to use. One of the important factors was the controllability of the software, as well as the availability of such a feature as the Interactive Search which permits to promptly locate and track the required objects. All of this enables the user to create a reliable video surveillance system without having to bear additional costs for integrations.

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