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Belgium, Sint-Niklaas
200 IP cameras

EUROSHOP is the leading European fixed price shop chain. The company sells household goods, textiles, toys, office supplies, and many other non-food products. The shop is located in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium.


Number of cameras: 200 cameras with ST licenses with Suspect search, Tracking and Face detection intelligent modules were installed.

CCTV tasks:  The task was to create a new system for ensuring safety and control. The system had to be flexible and scalable.

Solution: After making several demonstrations of different software, the customer opted for Eocortex VMS. The software was installed on the system with GeoVision cameras, and Microcloud was used as a server.

Eocortex advantages: For the customer, the main advantage of Eocortex was Suspect Search & Suspect Tracking. The module provides fast search by colours and proportions. Together with other modules, it allowed solving the task of determining movement in the determined areas and recognizing faces. Other advantages of Eocortex are flexibility and scalability of the software.

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