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8 IP cameras

Vroon is an international shipping company with the fleet of more than 200 various vessels.


Number of cameras: 8 ST licenses with the following video analysis modules included: Sabotage Detection, Face Detection, Abandoned Object Detection, Tracking, Suspect Search, and one PTZ Camera Control module.

CCTV tasks: The task of the system is to facilitate the control of the ships and ensure the required level of safety.

Solution: Eocortex VMS software was selected after the testing on the ships when the company found confirmation that the system manages to solve the tasks specific to ship operation.

Eocortex advantages: The end user is very happy with the result and intends to equip all of its vessels with the CCTV systems based on Eocortex VMS.

Distributor Visuatech
Integrator D'tral Beveiliging bvba

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