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Education facilities

Middle school in Maaseik

Belgium, Maaseik
31 IP cameras

Maaseik middle school. The school has several hundreds of students and is equipped with the modern teaching and sports facilities. The perimeter to be monitored by video surveillance is huge.

Number of cameras: 31 cameras with the ST license and the following video analysis modules included: Tracking, Suspect Search, Abandoned Object Detection.

CCTV task: 1. To create the unified CCTV system (the previous CCTV system was based on the Geovision and Uniview solutions)

                     2. To prevent stealing of students' bicycles

                     3. To prevent cases of vandalism inside the school

Solution: The customer chose Eocortex after the first demonstration. The ST license with the in-built video analytics was the best solution for this project.

Eocortex advantages: One of the advantages of the Eocortex solution is its easy installation and use. The Eocortex software allows to perform 24/7 surveillance, to receive notifications of intrusion events, to search for the required information in the archive. No bicycles have been stolen since Eocortex was installed.

Integrator: Bergoens NV

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