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Hospitals & Healthcare

Kirov Hospital

Russia, Kirov
208 IP cameras

Kirov city hospital's video surveillance system consists of 208 IP cameras, 7 video servers, and Eocortex software. It has been solving the security tasks since 2013.

The main reasons for selecting Eocortex software: 

  • economic efficiency (in particular, low requirements for the server hardware performance and, consequently, lower cost)
  • rich functionality
  • ease of operation of large video surveillance systems
  • and free mobile applications for remote working

Sabotage detection module is provided with Eocortex license absolutely free of charge. Sabotage detection module allows to reveal camera defocusing, panning away from pre-defined view, illumination and overlapping, which is particularly relevant for the public place surveillance. 

Experts from the installer company comment on that: "The system built on Eocortex fully meets the customer requirements, ensures the safety of patients and hospital staff at the highest level. The system is easy to operate, stable and flexible".

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