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Education facilities

Perm State University

Russia, Perm
302 IP cameras

Eocortex IP camera software was chosen for the video surveillance system at Perm State University and includes 302 Axis IP cameras. The cameras were installed in 8 university buildings, dormitories, street cameras monitoring the inner area and the car parks. With Eocortex, all the 302 IP cameras required just a single server for processing (although, initially, the same amount of cameras required 6 servers to proceed!).


Vladimir Sushin, the director of the University Internet Center, commented on the choice of components for video surveillance systems:

"When we implemented a surveillance system, Axis cameras were chosen as they are very famous in the market, and we had 250 IP cameras on 6 servers. The cameras proved to be excellent, but the software didn’t work well, although the software characteristics fitted such a large distributed system like ours. We have made a difficult decision to replace this software. So as not to repeat the mistakes we thoroughly tested a number of products for IP cameras, and the result of this test was the choice of Eocortex, that met all our requirements. Now our video surveillance system consists of 302 Axis IP cameras, and with Eocortex we are able to use just a single server".

The determining factors when choosing software for IP-surveillance were: 

  • Reliability. Eocortex proved to be a reliable product for large video surveillance systems.
  • Archive search optimization. Large archive volumes require effective search tools to find the desired object or event. Eocortex software allows you to search for people, object size, location in the frame, object photo and special signs.
  • Economic component. As you may notice, Eocortex helps to significantly save on server equipment for IP surveillance system. 

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