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Siberian Pearl shopping center

Russia, Tyumen
105 IP cameras

"Siberian Pearl" in Tobolsk (Tyumen Region) is a modern multifunctional complex combining shopping, entertainment and office facilities of about 50 000 square meters area. 


The video surveillance system consists of 105 IP cameras, Eocortex software, and Eocortex Intelligent modules - People counting, License plate recognition, Tracking, Suspect search. Buildings of that size require professional security system, so project leaders and installer company have taken the software selection procedure very seriously.

Due to the high level of an object functionality, the accurate range of software tasks has been formulated:

  • to provide round the clock surveillance of the center territory, entrances, parking, panoramic areas, escalators, corridors, technical rooms
  • to ensure access of the employees' vehicles and restrict outsiders' transport parking
  • to provide real-time events' control, accidents investigation tools
  • to count people visiting the shopping center
  • quick video processing and friendly interface

And Eocortex successfully copes with all these challenges:

  • With the Tracking module, territory control and limited access to unauthorized service areas have been organized. The module allows you to track objects moving in the camera's field of view. You can draw a line or set a zone, and the intersection of which will result in alarm. You can also set an alarm for an object staying in the particular area for a longer time.
  • With License plate recognition module transport's access and vehicles database collection can be arranged. The module automatically recognizes license plates caught in a camera's field of view, provides information about the owner of the vehicle if it has been pre-entered in the database. It also allows configuring the automatic response to a specific license plate number (for example, to raise the barrier or to open the gates).
  • People counting has been carried with the same name module, which allows determining the quantity of people humans entering and exiting the shopping center in real time, as well as to build statistical reports for any period of time, from one or more cameras.
  • Suspect search has been selected for accidents investigation. The module allows searching for an object by its visual characteristics - the operator can set object size, color, position in the frame, movement directions, upload object photo or sample from archive records. Thus, Interactive object search significantly speeds up and simplifies object searches in the archive.

Alexander Dyukov, CEO of the installation company, comments on Eocortex: "The video surveillance system works properly, Eocortex software ensures its effectiveness, which resulted in the shopping center administration plans to expand it to 119 IP cameras".

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