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Sport facilities

Ice Palace "Ural lightning"

Russia, Yekaterinburg
76 IP cameras

The video surveillance system of the Ice Palace called ‘Ural lightning’ consists of Eocortex software and 76 IP cameras.


To fulfil the set tasks, the installer company's specialists audited the existing surveillance system of the building, and prepared the action plan, including the following:

  • Modernization of the current video surveillance system: replacement of the existing analogue cameras by the digital ones, introduction of professional video management software;
  • Automatic video data recording with the possibility to get the required information from the archive (greatly simplified with the Suspect search intelligent module);
  • The possibility to create additional workstations if necessary; to manage the cameras by duty officers in a single problem-solving environment; to enlarge the system by the unlimited number of video surveillance points and record servers.

Eocortex software was chosen to solve all the stated tasks.

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