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The Camping Store in Belgium

50 IP cameras

The Camping Store is one of the largest European chains that sells travel gear for hikers.


Facility: The Camping Store is one of the largest European chains that sells travel gear for hikers. In the chain’s stores in France and Belgium one can find virtually any travel equipment made by man: sleeping bags, tents, compasses, binoculars, gas burners, cookware, foldable furniture, heaters, and much more. The chain sells anything from a snap hook to a port-a-potty, and The Camping Store is visited by thousands of people every day

Number of cameras: 50 units with ST license

CCTV task: the main task of the system was to prevent theft from the store and ensure uninterrupted recording of video to the archive

Solution: Eocortex software with the Tracking intelligent module was chosen to control the cameras. And it was done for a good reason. The Tracking module allows to perform the perimeter monitoring of a given area and receive notifications in case a border line is crossed. It is possible to find corresponding alarm events and the relevant video fragments in the archive. Moreover, the Tracking module allows to keep an eye on the objects whose parameters were entered in the system by its operator.

Eocortex advantages: During the very first days of operation, the Eocortex software demonstrated its capabilities. The store employees got actual data regarding the goings-on, shoplifting, etc. The array of statistical data helped to improve goods representation, and the alarm messages regarding the breaching of warehouse borders sent to the mobile phones of the employees allowed to promptly respond to the theft attempts.

Distributor: Visuatech

Integrator: Connectify

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