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The expand of A.S. Adventure project

22 IP cameras

A.S.Adventure is one of those brands that needs no introduction in Europe. 


Facility:  A.S.Adventure is one of those brands that needs no introduction in Europe. The eponymous chain of stores includes 49 sales outlets in Belgium, Luxembourg and France. Located on the busiest sites of the cities, A.S.Adventure is popular with the outdoor enthusiasts

Number of cameras: 22 units with ST license 

CCTV task: it was required to create a video surveillance system that would provide a capability to manage the remote facilities from the company’s headquarters. Additionally, the standard task for the retail business was set: to reduce theft in the stores

Solution: The specialty of GDW Security is that it strives to solve a maximum number of issues existing on a facility. By offering Eocortex, the company tackled several A.S.Adventure tasks in one go: monitoring of goods that often get stolen, looking for shoplifters in the video archives, and staff activity monitoring. Using the Fisheye Dewarping module permitted the end user to save on the number of cameras.
Eocortex advantages: Mr. Jan de Wilder, the Director of GDW, calls the fast and efficient search for images and stable CCTV system operation the main advantages of Eocortex. 
Distributor: Visuatech
Integrator: GDW Security



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