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The Rijksmuseum van Oudheden

The Netherlands
250 IP cameras

The Rijksmuseum van Oudheden is a national archeological museum in the city of Leiden (the Netherlands).


Facility: The Rijksmuseum van Oudheden is a national archeological museum in the city of Leiden (the Netherlands). Its largest and unique collections pertain to the ancient Egypt and the Middle East, and to the period of classical antiquity. The museum is more than 200 years old and receives more than 200 thousand visitors annually.

Number of cameras: 250 units with ULTRA license

CCTV task:
  1. To create a video surveillance system meeting the modern safety and GDPR requirements
  2. To unite two buildings in a single CCTV system
  3. To prevent intrusion of unauthorized persons into the museum’s repositories
  4. To ensure high level of safety of the visitors
  5. To enable control of the video surveillance system using the special Bosch keyboard with joystick.
Solution: The Ultra license with 16 included video analysis modules and a wide range of features for creating large-scale CCTV systems, such as internal chat, videowall, and multi-level access rights, was selected for the project. Additionally, the integration with the control panel was performed free of charge for the project.
Eocortex advantages: 
  1. Eocortex is integrated with NOX access control system. Eocortex sends the Face Recognition module notifications, and the access control system compares a photo with a personal file and grants access. In such a way, the high level of security in the museum’s repositories is ensured.
  2. Ease of operation. Due to the integration with Bosch control panel, the museum’s security department did not have to readjust the management of the system.  
  3. Remote access to the system. It is possible to receive notifications not only in Eocortex Client, but also in a mobile app or a messenger.
  4. It is easy to perform channel-by-channel expansion of the system, if required. 
Distributor: ARAS Security B.V.
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