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Safe & Smart City

Tomilno village

Russia, Moscow
40 IP cameras

IP-surveillance system made of 40 IP (CCTV) cameras based on Eocortex software successfully works in the streets of Tomilino village, Moscow region. The video surveillance system has been installed under the "Safe City" project.


Tomilino is an urban locality (a work settlement) in Lyuberetsky District of Moscow Oblast, Russia. In terms of population (30,605 in 2010), Tomilino is the largest urban-type settlement in Lyuberetsky District. Tomilino consists of a multi story buildings sector and a private houses sector. Railway station in 25 kilometres (16 mi) Southeast from Moscow.

In the 19th century, Tomilino was an estate of Obolensky knyazes. Tomilino was officially founded in 1894 by merchant Tomilin as a suburban settlement where he built his own house. It became very attractive for people because of a very close location to Moscow. Later Tomilino became known as a scientific research, development, and production centre. Some major enterprises were founded by the government. One of them is NPP Zvezda plant, famous for the spacesuits for Russian cosmonauts, including Yuri Gagarin, and aircraft ejector seats, which highly proved themselves in many extreme situations. There's also Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant ("Mil helicopters", "MVZ"), Tomilino plant of diamond equipment "TOMAL", Tomilino poultry farm and a textile mill. Tomilino semiconductor devices plant "TZPP" became operational at 1958. Tomilino is known as a worker's settlement since 1961.

City administration has decided to install IP-based security system due to the aggravated criminal situation to improve the personal safety of its residents. IP cameras were installed in public places (railway station, main city square), on the roads with high traffic density, in playgrounds and in some so-called "problematic" areas.

At the software selection stage, customers identified a number of the most important system functions and properties:

  • Motion detection recording. This detector requires diverse setting for each camera (frame areas setting);
  • Informing the operator of any unauthorized access to the protected area;
  • Easy and convenient interface (resulting in the fast staff training);
  • Profound integration with Beward IP-video equipment;
  • Reliability and fault tolerance.

Eocortex VMS showed the best results compared to the competitors’ software, so it has been chosen to ensure the safety of the Tomilino village.

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