Eocortex has opened the pre-order of the most accurate people counting

Eocortex development department are of the opinion that that people counting should be the complete tool for marketing and analysis purposes. The system should be highly accurate as well as easy to use and work with.

For these purposes, innovative 3D People Counting was created. The system has been tested at real sites and gave the statistics of 98.6% accuracy. It is the big difference with the alternative existing people counting systems. The high accuracy is achieved by the intellectual analysis of a device that consists of a camera and a sensor evaluating the distance to the objects. Even if several people are passing the virtual intersection line in different directions, the new 3D People Counting will count each and every person while trolleys, carts, strollers, etc. will not affect the statistics.

Now the marketers, the owners and the managers of retail sphere are able to evaluate the effectiveness of company’s work, estimate the marketing activities, improve the service according to the footfall, evaluate the floor space, change the rent rate, etc.

Eocortex has opened the pre-order of the most accurate people counting.

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