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Object Classification and Counting

The module allows to classify and count 6 different object categories: people, animals and different types of vehicles (passenger cars, buses, trucks, motorcycles). Analytics operates within 2 counting options: counting objects in an area and line intersection.

How it works

  • set up areas of any size and form for a specific camera view and count objects in an area
  • count objects that crossed the virtual line or lines in a specified direction
  • create interactive reports by zones or lines and analyze statistics to solve various business tasks
  • set up automatic scenarios for all video surveillance systems managed by Eocortex (for example, start an alarm when an object classified as a motorcycle appears in the specified area)
  • see every object classification in the real time mode with Eocortex Client application

Your benefits

  • easily regulate traffic at the monitored crossroads, evaluate the effectiveness of outdoor advertisements, count groups of people and more
  • implement analytics into already deployed surveillance systems and use the existing cameras with flexible camera placement requirements
  • use on the same camera with different Eocortex intelligent modules, such as License Plate Recognition and others

Obtain a cost estimate

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