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People Counting in Queue

People Counting in Queue by Eocortex IP Camera Software helps to increase customers / clients / guests / satisfaction and loyalty and optimize the staff-related expenses.

How it works

You can:
  • configure up to 6 queue detection zones for each camera
  • set the threshold value of the number of people and duration of their stay in the queue
When the threshold value is exceeded, you receive an immediate notification to your monitor, phone or email.
You can create reports about the number of people in queues for any period of time, zone and facility as a whole.

Your benefits

Thanks to the People Counting in Queue module, you can:
  • quickly engage additional staff and eliminate the queue
  • adjust the opening hours of your store and the work schedule of your staff
Thus, you retain customers / clients / guests loyalty and optimize your expenses.

People Counting in Queue successfully works in the following industries

Please, choose your business sector and see how the People Counting in Queue module can be helpful to you:

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