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Face Detection

Face Detection by Eocortex IP Camera Software helps to minimize property loss, to avoid threats to life and health of staff.

How it works

You can:
  • see all the faces which got into the field of vision of the camera
  • receive automatic notifications upon detection of faces to the monitor, phone or e-mail
  • generate reports about the persons whose presence was detected, with the indication of the detection time
  • save detected faces in JPG format

Your benefits

You do not need to look at video surveillance monitors 24 hours a day. Thru the use of the Face Detection module, you can find a person by the face that got into the field of view of the camera installed in an off-limits zone and/or during the time when it is prohibited to be in a zone.

Thus, you can prevent the occurrence of accidents threatening the safety of your staff and property.

Moreover, the images of the faces stored in the database with the information regarding the time and place of their detection may, for example help you to investigate accidents and similar events. 


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