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Fisheye Dewarping

Fisheye Dewarping by Eocortex IP Camera Software allows to reduce the cost of the video surveillance system thru the use of panoramic cameras with the wide field of view.

How it works

You can obtain an expanded image and control it by using joystick and keyboard:

  • in the double panorama mode - the panorama is divided into two parts, 180° each
  • in the 4x90 mode -  the image is divided into four cells, 90° each
  • in the virtual PTZ mode, which simulates PTZ camera operation

Your benefits

Thanks to the Fisheye Dewarping module, you can:

  • replace several conventional cameras indoors with a single Fisheye-camera with wide functionality
  • view several controlled areas simultaneously using a single camera

Obtain a cost estimate

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