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Unique Visitor Counting

Visitor Counting by Eocortex IP Camera Software allows to determine the number of unique visitors in order to calculate traffic and conversion of visitors into buyers taking their gender and age into account.

How it works

You can:

  • create databases of people who need to be excluded from the unique visitors counting
  • create reports and graphs by hours, days, months, years based on data from different cameras
  • analyze statistics of visitors taking into consideration their age and gender
  • export data to CSV format

Your benefits

Thanks to Unique Visitor Counting you can:
  • receive accurate data regarding the number of unique visitors, excluding, for example, the employees of the salespoint
  • evaluate the efficiency of your personnel working with visitors
  • evaluate the efficiency of marketing activities
Thus, you can optimize your expenses and improve the efficiency of your personnel and your marketing activities

Obtain a cost estimate

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