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Smoke & Fire Detection

Smoke and Fire Detection by Eocortex IP Camera Software helps to prevent fires and, subsequently, avoid victims, loss of health and property.

How it works

  • In case of detection of smoke or fire you receive an immediate notification to your monitor, phone or e-mail.
  • All the events detected by the module are recorded in the Event Log for the subsequent quick search in the archive. 
  • You can integrate the Smoke and Fire Detection module with a fire alarm or a fire extinguishing system to ensure their joint operation.

Your benefits

You do not need to look at video surveillance monitors 24 hours a day. Thanks to the Smoke and Fire Detection module, you can:
  • promptly respond to fire and smoke and stop the breaking out or spreading of a fire
  • promptly inform people in the danger zone for their quick evacuation
  • find precise locations and causes of fire or smoke
Thus, you will be able to ensure survival and preservation of health of the personnel and customers, as well as to minimize damage to the property.

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