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People Counting

People Counting by Eocortex IP Camera Software allows you to determine the number of visitors to calculate the total traffic, analyze attendance by months, days of the week and hours, to calculate various conversions, for example, from visitors to buyers.

How it works

You can:

  • create reports and graphs broken down by hours, days, months, years based on the data from various cameras
  • export data to CSV format


Your benefits

Thanks to the People Counting module, you can: 

  • adjust the hours of operation of your company or establishment
  • adjust the work schedule of your employees
  • evaluate the efficiency of marketing activity
  • evaluate the efficiency of your personnel when working with visitors 

Thus, you can optimize your expenses and raise the efficiency of your personnel and your marketing activities

Obtain a cost estimate

Counting visitors using IP cameras

With Eocortex VMS, you can count the people who enter the premises without having to use any special counters. To implement a visitor counting system, all you need is an IP camera, a server with the Eocortex software installed, and a people counting module. The intelligent people counting module provides statistics regarding the number of visitors who entered and exited the premises both in real time and in the form of reports for any time period and for one or several entrances.

How can the attendance data be used?

The usage of the people counting module allows to obtain the reports regarding the number of visitors and use this data for optimizing the staff load and work schedule, as well as for monitoring people stream density to ensure that the social distancing is maintained in the times of epidemics.
Possessing the information about the visitors, a manager can easily evaluate the quality and efficiency of the personnel’s performance. For example, if the number of visitors greatly exceeds the number of buyers, it would be required to rethink the work procedures of the personnel, to review the marketing activities such as sales and promotions, to create a better work schedule, etc.
Use cases of the People Counting module:
  • Optimization of the headcount of salespersons and cashiers depending on the attendance of a retail store. Calculation of the conversion of the visitors into buyers.
  • Monitoring the load of the airport zones in order to distribute the security personnel accordingly. Determining the areas where the passengers spend a maximum amount of time to install Duty Free stores and vending machines there.
  • Determining the periods of time with the maximum load in the course of carrying out public events in order to distribute the load on personnel and to upgrade security.
  • Using the data on the actual number of visitors in a fitness center, a restaurant, a library, etc. to inform the customers via a mobile app about the requirement to maintain social distancing during epidemics.

People Counting module capabilities

The People Counting module tracks the persons in the frame who cross a preset line, with regard to the direction of movement. 
The People Counting module boasts the following features:
  • Real-time counting of the entering and exiting visitors at one or more entrances (using several cameras).
  • Displaying the readings of the counters in the Eocortex Client application.
  • Creating the reports of the number of visitors who entered, exited and remain in the premises for different periods of time, and for one or several cameras.
  • Automatic and manual download of the reports and automatic sending of the reports by email.
  • Automatic update and reset of the counters.
To try out the People Counting module at your facility, order the free trial version by filling out a form on our web site, or send a message to info@eocortex.com.
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