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Eocortex has been integrated with Visuatech monitoring software

Eocortex software for IP CCTV systems has been integrated with Visuatech monitoring software that checks the health of all the installed camera systems.

If the end customer should experience a technical problem, the installer is informed by e-mail and the system status changes in his dashboard.

This pro-active way of operation ensures that the customer will not lose video for a long time even in the event of a defect.

This service is offered on all CREST servers with the Eocortex platform installed.

The following is monitored:

  • Camera connection;
  • CPU load;
  • Recoding activity;
  • Server activity.

You’ll be able to continuously monitor the status of servers and other equipment. 

Eocortex has a similar system in its ULTRA license – ULTRA System Health Check that gives you the opportunity to: 

  • create reports regarding the status of system components being monitored;
  • monitor the status of servers and server equipment;
  • view the error log;
  • control the load of CPUs main memory and network hots adapters;
  • check the presence of signal from the cameras;
  • check the status of the recording in the archive; 
  • control client connections to the server.

You can inquire about the ULTRA license usage by emailing us at sales@eocortex.com. 

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