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Join Our Free Webinar: Video analytics based on neural networks.
Join Our Free Webinar: Video analytics based on neural networks.

Eocortex: new functionality for banking sector

Bank is a place where no security or video analytics is too much. Smart cameras in the banks open doors, call managers to serve VIP clients, monitor safety in the premises and perform a large number of everyday chores. In Europe, a simple surveillance camera equipped with video analytics has become such a powerful automation tool that it has started to replace low-skilled workers. The time has come to introduce these features to the Spanish-speaking world.

On Tuesday, October 29, the inimitable Andrea Cartagena Gómez, the Eocortex expert, will host an open webinar for the specialists in the sphere of video surveillance entitled “New era of video analytics in banking sector”. The webinar will be in the Spanish language and it will start at 12:30 UTC.

During the webinar, Andrea Cartagena will talk about the applications of the intelligent video analysis modules in the new and existing CCTV systems. Among other things, the Complete Face Recognition module, Unique Visitor Counting module, visitor face database creation and other features will be reviewed in detail.

For the first time ever, our expert will introduce a new integration of Eocortex to the general public. It will be the integration with SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) that will allow to upgrade the already operating door phone systems of such manufacturers as BAS-IP, Dahua, Axis, Hikvision etc. Together with the ONVIF and PSIA support, the new capabilities of Eocortex will permit to significantly reduce the expenses borne by the banks in relation to the implementation and modernization of any security system.

Participation in the “New era of video analytics in banking sector” webinar is free for those who register. To register for the event, please follow this link.

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