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Eocortex presents the watchdog timer, a new feature of version 2.5

Eocortex, a developer of software for IP cameras, announces its new software version 2.5 and introduces its main features to the customers.

Watchdog timer is a feature that improves reliability and self-support of a video surveillance system. Its main aim is to prevent erroneous server operation.

The use of the watchdog timer implies that a special card is connected to the Eocortex server. After the connection, every 15 seconds the server sends messages to the card confirming its activity and correct operation. If no such confirmation is received by the watchdog timer in a determined period of time, it forcibly resets the server. The system administrator can set this time period to be between 1 and 255 minutes.

In case the server is reset, a corresponding event is created in the Eocortex event log.

The watchdog timer feature will be available for the users of Eocortex version 2.5. You can obtain detailed information regarding the new version from your manager.

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