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Eocortex video surveillance system in your favorite messenger - Telegram, Facebook Messenger

Eocortex elevates the ease of use of a CCTV system to a new level. Starting from Version 2.5, the Eocortex user can quickly obtain the required information from the video system using the convenient and familiar channel – the messenger that he or she uses every day - Viber, Telegram or Facebook Messenger.

The feature is implemented as a Eocortex bot that connects the video system and messenger platform servers. The user can communicate with the system by sending text messages to the bot and receiving its answers in Telegram or Facebook Messenger.

In the messenger environment, Eocortex bot provides the user with the following:

  • real-time frames from the system’s cameras;
  • archive frames corresponding to a specified point in time;
  • technical report regarding the system health (connection stability, status of system cameras and servers, archive depth);
  • prompt notifications regarding sensor/intelligent module triggering;
  • prompt notifications regarding the system faults

It is possible to communicate with the Eocortex bot using simple queries or selection options in the menu.

The main advantages the Eocortex bot offers the users are as follows:

  • communicating with the video system as if it were a person, using the environment of your favorite messenger in a natural and familiar language;
  • public IP address is not required – the user may talk with the bot using any internet connection;
  • it is not required to install any additional apps on your smartphone – just use your favorite messenger;
  •  easy access to the Eocortex bot – safe access using a link with no need to enter the IP address, login and password for the system.

Starting from the Version 2.5, you will be able to work with your system thru the Eocortex bot using Telegram, or Facebook messengers.

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