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Join Our Free Webinar: Video analytics based on neural networks.
Join Our Free Webinar: Video analytics based on neural networks.

How to make the state your business partner

A significant number of Eocortex’ partners work with state projects dealing with monitoring public safety or providing intelligent video surveillance to cities or facilities. Concurrently, different states are interested in implementing Eocortex software on their territories because it does not require subscription fees, features free updates and is one of the most powerful video analytics tools on the world market. However, sometimes the essential projects are not implemented due to the lack of communication between the state and business representatives.

To facilitate the communication mentioned above, the inimitable Andrea Cartagena Gómez, the Eocortex expert, will host the open webinar entitled “State as a business partner” on November 12. The event is aimed at helping both CCTV specialists and state officials to work more efficiently in the sphere of video surveillance.

How can the video analysis modules bring profit to the municipalities? What does a government official need to know in the course of preparing a tendering procedure? How can the correct software configuration provide data security to the city? How to create an efficient public safety monitoring system without worrying about camera brands and manufacturers? These and other questions will be answered by Andrea Cartagena Gómez in the course of the webinar.

Participation in the “State as a business partner” webinar is free for those who register. To register for the event, please follow this link. It is worth mentioning that the registered users will have an opportunity to ask their questions to the expert. The webinar will start at 12:30 UTC.

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