ULTRA VMS official release: high-end IP camera software designed for the large-scale video surveillance systems

New VMS. Flexible. Functional. Profitable.


Ultra is the high-end VMS particularly designed for the large-scale video surveillance systems. Ultra at a glance is:

  • Unlimited scalability. With Ultra, you can build a video surveillance system of any size with the unlimited number of IP cameras, servers, and workstations. Open Platform nature allows the variety of systems to be integrated into the Ultra versatile solution.
  • All-In-One. With Ultra, there is no need to install any additional software for the large video systems' needs. With Ultra Video wall, you can configure workstations with any number of monitors just by dragging the frames from IP cameras in the system.
  • Customization. Ultra makes manual configuring and sophisticated monitoring of the large video surveillance systems as convenient as ever. Starting with the quick installation process, clean interface, and easy-to-use navigation, Ultra provides a bunch of extras - Alarm cells, Chat messaging, Push notifications, etc. – added to the very high-end package. That is the perfect mix of flexibility, accuracy and clarity for the VMS you need.
  • Reliability. Various server backup and reservation options ensure failover and the safety of your data. 
  • Advanced video analytics. Ultra allows solving a wide variety of security tasks bringing numerous Intelligent modules including just announced Suspect tracking module.
  • Simple licensing and transparent pricing. You just need an Ultra license per each channel that you are using. Lifetime updates and mobile applications are free of charge.

22 Street Lane Nursery in Leeds is the very first project implemented with Ultra VMS on 70 IP cameras. The nursery is still underway with some cameras needing to be installed.


Here you can download the Ultra VMS software package and Ultra VMS documentation (Specification, Admin Guide, User Guide). 


The RELEASE WEBINAR recording is available on the link

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