Eocortex offers new archive export capabilities: a variety of video formats and parameters, and export speed

Starting from Eocortex Version 2.4, four formats are available for the users: MCM, MP4 (with and without time stamps) and AVI. The export speed varies for different formats, which allows the user to make a selection according to its current priorities.

The archived video can be exported via the client’s app, Eocortex Player, or Eocortex Archive Player.
The following archive export modes are available in Eocortex 2.4:



MCM export

Export to Eocortex internal format (mcm) for the subsequent playback using Eocortex Player. The export is performed with the highest available speed (700-800 frames per second).

MP4 export without time stamps

The video archive is exported to MP4 format, without creating time stamps. The export speed is the highest as well.
The video in such format will do when no reference to actual time is required, it is just necessary to restore a sequence of events or view which objects got caught on camera.

MP4 export

The video archive is exported to MP4 format, with time stamps applied to each frame (the error margin is 1 to 2 seconds). The export speed is lower in comparison with the previous options (300-400 frames per second). 
The video with time stamps is essential for restoring the sequence and pattern of events.

AVI export

The video is exported to AVI with time stamps applied to the frames. The time stamps are completely accurate (no error is tolerated). Export speed is up to ten times lower than the highest possible.
In spite of the fact that the export to AVI is time-consuming, this format provides video with the maximum precision of time stamps, which allows to investigate the occurred events and assemble an evidence base.



The downloaded video clip may be of any size in case of MVM export, and up to 650 Mb for MP4 and AVI (if the exported archive is larger, several video clips are created).




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