MY IP Solution became an official Eocortex distributor in Belgium

The MY IP Solution company joined the ranks of the official distributors of Eocortex intelligent video surveillance software. Now the company can use Eocortex in the projects being implemented on the territory of Belgium and the Netherlands.

MY IP Solution established itself as a company with the focus on solving the specific tasks of its customers. Its headquarters are located in the Flemish community of Nazareth, where the MY IP Solution team develops individual projects for each customer.

“The MY IP Solution company is known in Belgium as one of the fastest providers of ready-made solutions in the sphere of video surveillance. The company distinguishes itself by non-standard approach to each individual task, that is why we have high hopes for the prospects of cooperation between Eocortex and MY IP Solution on the territory of Benelux”, notes Dmitry Loginov, the International Sales Director of Eocortex.

Eocortex offers 19 intelligent modules for video surveillance systems. Each of them can be used in the projects being implemented by MY IP Solution, its integrators and installers.






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