Eocortex took part in the CCTV Day organized by ARAS Security distributor

On January 22 the CCTV Day dedicated to video surveillance and its capabilities took place in Nieuwegein, Netherlands. More than 300 system integrators and specialists visited this event.

ARAS Security, the distributor of Eocortex in Netherlands, assembled the manufacturers and specialists of CCTV systems. The experts delivered the reports, and Eocortex demonstrated the features of its video analysis modules.

The Eocortex team was represented by Pavel Okhotnikov, Artyom Shilyaev and Elena Zueva.

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All the reports was devoted to the capabilities of the video analysis modules. Rene Verheul talked about the fact that these modules allow to create a smart security system that will detect all the system events and inform about them. It permits to prevent various infractions and promptly react to emergencies.

Eocortex made demonstrations of the solutions that were mentioned in the report, for example, the Suspect Search module that allows to track objects and reconstruct their trajectory. When combined with such modules as Tracking or Abandoned Object Detection, it can help to prevent theft, intrusion and other crimes, and also allows to find required data in the archive.

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Eocortex modules can be used on any vertical market for solving various tasks dealing with ensuring safety and security as well as business process optimization. It permits to solve various challenges faced by the end users, and to create a flexible video surveillance system.

The trade fair helped to familiarize new integrators with the product, showcase Eocortex solutions in real-life conditions, and obtain new projects. On February 13-14 you will be able to get acquainted with the solutions offered by Eocortex on the New Security exhibition. 

Demonstration of Eocortex

We invite you to visit the Eocortex stand at the New Security 2019. The exhibition will take place in Leuven, Belgium on Februrary 13-14, 2019. You can register on the official web site of the New Security day here.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Yours, Eocortex Team



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