Politizone ARRO Ieper trusts Eocortex to ensure the safety and security of its citizens


Together with its integrator, the R.T.S company, Eocortex implements projects in the Belgian public sector. The most interesting solutions relate to the Smart City sector. Such cities as Ghent and Ronse are already using the Eocortex intelligent software.


However, today we will tell you about a solution not just for one city, but for the whole region of Ypres that includes 10 municipalities: Ieper, Poperinge, Wervik, Zonnebeke, Heuvelland, Moorslede, Staden, Vleteren, Langemark-Poelkapelle en Mesen. The distinguishing characteristic of this setup is that surveillance objects are located far away from each other.

At the present moment there are more than 400 cameras installed in this police precinct that operate with the Eocortex software. The cameras are combined in one unified video surveillance system with the common control center. Any police officer can connect to any surveillance object. The following intelligent modules are used to ensure safety:

  • Tracking module that allows to track objects appearing in the restricted areas;
  • Face Detection module that detects peoples’ faces and stores them in the database;
  • Suspect Search module that allows to find an object of search in the archive. This module does a great job of finding infractors or missed children.

Politizone ARRO Ieper opted for Eocortex because the Eocortex VMS had the following advantages:

  • MxPEG support (the facilities already had Mobotix cameras installed)
  • Scalability (it was only required to buy licenses for more cameras in order to expand the system)
  • Control flexibility: different levels of access and a common control system
  • Availability of the intelligent modules that allow to automate the CCTV system
  • Experience of R.T.S as an integrator, who proved himself as an excellent contractor for the public safety projects.

If you are working on a Safe City project, you can pick a ready-made solution by Eocortex, or request a custom-made one, tailored for the requirements of a particular end user. Our managers are prepared to aid you in the development and calculation of a solution.

Eocortex 2.5 version with MxPEG codec is available on this link.

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