Four times more IP cameras per server - check it out!

Macroscop provides you with an opportunity of significant savings in designing IP-surveillance systems.  You can connect more IP-cameras to one server or use more cost-effective servers than the ones you use for any other competitive software. We have developed the technology of video streams analysis without their complete decoding.

The video streams are decompressed in several stages, the final ones requiring much more computational resources. These final stages are not performed by Macroscop. Algorithms of video streams processing enable a user to analyze the data without complete decompression.

The application of this technology results in increase of data processing speed, thus load on central processor reduces four times on average.  With Macroscop you can connect four times more cameras to one server, than in case when you use other software. There is one more way to reduce the costs – to use less high-powered, thus more cost-effective processors and to reduce the costs on server equipment.

And These Are Not All Opportunities To Reduce The Costs

To reduce the cost of both server and client-end equipment use our exclusive function of video streams processing on a video card. This function will decrease up to two times the processor load of a client computer and will give a user an opportunity to employ less high-powered, thus less expensive processors. All you need to do is just to specify where to do the processing – on the central processor or on a video card.

Advanced 64-bit architecture of Macroscop improves performance and unlocks the additional resources available to a 64-bit application.

To verify Macroscop cost-effectiveness please use our online-calculator to calculate the server configuration or install our demo version and test the processor load in comparison with other software.


Download Macroscop Demo to check how it works!

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