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Answer 3 questions and get free trial version for 1 month

New features of Eocortex for monitoring social distancing

The intelligent module for visitor counting is being successfully used in retail, public catering, museums, outpatient hospitals, etc. for obtaining reports regarding personnel load, traffic and business process optimization.
Starting from Version 3.2, the Eocortex developers are ready to offer a useful option highly sought in the times of the pandemic: counting people indoors. The distinguishing characteristic of the feature is that now it is possible to obtain data regarding the number of people inside in real time, as well as set up alarm announcements in case a preset quantity has been exceeded.

The module of counting people indoors allows to:
  • Set several counting zones
  • Use several cameras on various entrances
  • Display information regarding the number of people in each zone in real time
  • Set up a current number of people in the zone manually
  • Generate an alarm event when the permissible number of people in the zone has been exceeded, as well as report when the number of people in the monitored area returns to a permissible value.
In the situation when observing a social distance is far from losing its importance, it is required to use automatic means of monitoring the number of people in stores, restaurants, government facilities and other premises accessible for the public.
The use of the counting people indoors feature together with the face mask detection module allows to automate monitoring of the state-imposed requirements during epidemics.
The additional option for the visitor counting module, the counting people indoors feature, will be available for the users of the version 3.2 of Eocortex.
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