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Kilsen Fire Alarm system is now integrated with Macroscop software

Kilsen Fire Alarm system is now integrated with Macroscop software. This integration has been successfully implemented last week by PCC Electronic Company - Macroscop exclusive distributor in Turkey. With this integration:

  • Define each Kilsen’s sensor to be bonded with one or more Macroscop’s camera.
  • All alarms generated by Kilsen’s fire/smoke sensors are forwarded to Macroscop as external alarms. They also reflected into Macroscop client window over related cameras’ cell(s).
  • All Kilsen’s fire/smoke alarms are saved in Macroscop and are searchable through Macroscop Journal.

Open Platform nature of Macroscop VMS allows the variety of systems to be integrated: people and vehicle access control systems, fire/security alarm systems, student databases, perimeter security systems, intrusion systems, etc. With the help of SDK that we provide, Macroscop clients and partners are able to fully customize their video surveillance system and include all the additional features and applications needed.

And Macroscop is an ONVIF member as well, which means that Macroscop software is not bound to the particular manufacturer of IP devices. The ONVIF specification defines a common protocol for the exchange of information between network video devices including automatic device discovery, video streaming, and intelligence metadata. The benefits of an open standard include:

Within IP-based physical security: To drive the convergence from analog to digital solutions, thus making the benefits of IP-based physical security products and solutions available to everyone - end users, integrators, etc.


  • Interoperability – products from various manufacturers can be used in the same systems and "talk the same language".
  • Flexibility – end-users and integrators are not locked within proprietary solutions based on technology choices of individual manufacturers.
  • Future-proof – standards ensure that there are interoperable products on the market, no matter what happens to individual companies.
  • Quality – when a product conforms to a standard, the market knows what to expect from that product.

Macroscop has more than 3000 IP camera models integrated from over 150 brands and the process of integration is ongoing. Feel free to contact us!

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