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Answer 3 questions and get a free trial
Answer 3 questions and get a free trial

Macroscop launches New Partner Program

We are glad to announce the release of our new Partner Program.

This new Program rewards and supports Macroscop partnerships and collaborations, allowing to combine the advantages of our software with your knowledge of the market, industry and existing products and technologies. 

The Program includes various partner types and levels, each with rewards and conditions for the best alignment to the Partner's business model, product portfolio and business requirements. 

Program Highlights:

• Renewed discount levels to simplify and promote Macroscop through partner channels;
• Sales growth and rapid geographical expansion;
• Providing opportunities for beginners while showing gratitude to our loyal and major Partners.

Check all the Macroscop benefits for distributors and installers at our Partner Page. Kindly contact your account manager for the details. Or join us today!

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