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Uniform Detector

The detector allows you to minimize the level of industrial injuries and employees’ mortality due to violation of safety regulations by the employees.

How it works

Your video surveillance system with the activated Uniform Detector module identifies a person in the frame and detects the presence of a hard hat on his head.

In the event of an absence of hard hat on the head of a person, you will automatically receive a notification on your monitor, phone or e-mail.

All control events are automatically logged. You can find a video fragment with the violation in the archive at any time.

Your benefits

You do not need to look at monitors of video surveillance cameras 24 hours a day.

Thanks to the Uniform Detector module you can:

  • minimize the cases of violation of safety regulations by the employees
  • prevent injuries in the workplace
  • avoid penalties from regulatory authorities
  • investigate the circumstances of cases of safety regulations violation

Uniform Detector successfully works in the following industries

Please, choose your business sector and see how the Uniform Detector module can be helpful to you:

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